Our Services


Our range of ICT services are delivered in three phases. These phases of our service delivery are designed to help us understand our clients and their peculiar problems, then find the most appropriate solution to the identified problems.

Our experience will help you to make the right ICT investments and maximize the returns on such investment while working within your budget. We provide customized solutions taking into consideration each client’s unique requirement and budget.

Phase 1

We listen to you.

Understanding your needs is the first step towards meeting them. At Acrux Crucis Limited, we treat each project as a case study, taking our time to listen to your peculiar needs and understand your goals. This allows us to proffer a solution that's just right for you.

Phase 2

We plan with you.

Once we know what your needs are, we set out to design a solution that best suites you. We have a solution for your ICT needs, from equipment procurement to application; you will find our advice invaluable.

Our solutions are always flexible with multiple options to choose from specially tailored for you. Whatever the choice you make, we'll find a plan that suites your budget.

Phase 3

We deliver solutions

Providing solutions that work is our hallmark. In the implementation of our solutions, we ensure the highest standards available in the industry. We have a total commitment towards the implementation of our projects and we carry you along, updating you through the whole process.

Network Solutions

Networked environments are common place in many organizations today.
This greatly enhanced the ease with which people share information and other resources. Over the years, we have been exposed to various projects that have helped us to build the competence to deliver on task management, network security, disaster recovery, internet connectivity and a lot more. This involves the design and implementation of structured cabling methods, using both copper and optical cables for voice and data networks in the implementation of :

LocalArea Networks (LAN),
Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN) and
Wide Area Networks (WAN).

Infrastructure Development
Wireless Networks
Networks Security


Wireless networks bring more flexibility to the modern office, often maximizing workspace for higher productivity. We can deploy various wireless technologies for point to point&point to multipoint connectivity. With the exposure of private networks to the internet, security has become a major concern for many organizations.

We implement a defense system that will protect your networks from intruders from both within and without. Our defense systems are being continuously upgraded to meet today's network security challenges.

We have deployed various servers on Windows and Linux platforms as application servers, domain controllers, email servers, firewalls, etc., for our clients. We have good competence in these areas.

Disaster can strike at any time; the motto is to be prepared. Our disaster recovery plan helps to prepare you ahead guarantying you minimum downtime and protection of your valuable data. We can help you explore ways of working remotely from anywhere outside your office via a secured connection to your office LAN. We deploy technologies that distribute internet securely over your LAN or WAN.

Server Installation and Configuration:
Disaster Recovery Plan
Remote Access
Internet Access


Network Solutions e-Solutions

Website design
Outsourced Website & Email management

The internet is fast becoming an integral part of computers today. The introduction of computers in many businesses has greatly improved their efficiencies. To compliment things further, internet provides a window for your businesses to the world.

Having and maintaining a website expands your e-Business opportunities optimizing your market and giving you the edge you require. For many organizations today, email responses to customer enquiries, website updating and other related administration issues are a nightmare. We offer a totally outsourced solution package that takes care of all your email and website concerns keeping them functional, up-to-date and responsive to your customer requests.

Software & Learning Solutions

In collaboration with our technical partners, we provide a wide range of software solutions and training programs covering the following areas on request:

Development of Customized Software packages, (Training & Support;)
Adaptation of Commercial software packages, (Training & Support;)
Corporate Training on Network Technologies & Administration.


Maintenance Solutions

Help Desk Support
On-Site Support
Outsourced Support

Our helpdesk services are designed to give you personal attention without making a visit to your site. All our helpdesk services are FREE and available to everyone. You can take advantage of this service to solve or get expert opinion on all your PC problems, get quotes for computer or telecom equipment and accessories.

Our helpdesk telephone support line is open from 8am to 5pm from Mondays to Fridays. Our email support is open 24 hours on these days. Some problems require that we make a visit to your site to solve. This is the kind support we call On-site support, and it attracts a fee. This fee is a flat rate, referred to as service charge. This fee does not include the cost of any replaced components on your equipment. High capital investment on ICT, insignificant improvement in productivity is a common place in many organizations today. This is mostly due to loss of
focus by many organizations on their core businesses as a result of the demands of managing an effective and efficient ICT department.

Our outsourced services are flexible, cost effective and are designed to guarantee maximum return on IT investment for our clients through efficient Infrastructure Management, Performance & Capacity Planning, Audit and Systems Integration Services.

Our outsourced support covers areas such as routine preventive and corrective maintenance on computer systems, Network Administration and Management. This support service is offered through a Service Level Agreement (SLA) renewable annually.

Maintenance Solutions (Access Control)

Security has become a major concern in parts of the world today, with governments and organizations seeking ways of improving access control around their buildings and installations. Working with an award wining product like ACTAtek, and a wide range of accessories (card readers, relay module, smart cards, wireless adaptor, network camera, power over ethernet, barcode scanners, UPS, etc.) that ACTAtek supports, we are capable of deploying a more complete solution for any access control or time attendance concern.

ACTAtek is a 24/7 security management solution developed for various scenarios from residential to remote offices to multi-location offices - locally or worldwide. ACTAtek provides you with the ability to control, configure and administer your time clocks with any standard web browser over the corporate network or through the Internet. Moreover, communication between the system and the web is extensively encrypted to provide a 128-bit security encryption to users.